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You've most likely heard about the BC NDP Government's budget with it's sweeping taxation of real estate. The focus has been much on the "Speculation Tax" where owners of secondary and mostly vacant homes will be subject to an annual tax of .5% of property value for 2018 and then 2% for 2019 and beyond. It's been said that this is focused on people who pay "little or no tax in BC" and thought to be applicable mainly to Albertans but also anyone outside of BC. That part of the plan is true.

What is not so clear with many is the implementation of the tax.  According the the BC Government "The speculation tax will initially apply to the Metro Vancouver, Fraser Valley, Capital and Nanaimo Regional Districts, and in the municipalities of Kelowna and…

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Home Viewing Tips Salmon Arm real estateMost people get pretty excited when they're viewing a home they might end up buying. While at first glance a home may appear to be perfect, with everything you need; however it's very important to make sure the home actually does meet all your requirements. You, the potential homebuyer, need to make sure it's the right house for you before you make an offer and sign over hundreds of thousands of dollars. Your real estate agent can also be very valuable in helping you spot issues when you're out house hunting.

1. Check the size of the Bedrooms

Sure the house has the right number of bedrooms you're looking for, but are they big enough? Think about what's in your bedrooms and make sure your items and furniture will fit into the rooms of house you're…

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 SE Salmon Arm Home For SaleThere is only one word to describe this Salmon Arm home: Stunning.

This four bedroom, four bathroom, custom-built home was featured in Jenish Homes & Design Magazine  and everything in it is perfectly designed and thought out. It's situated on a cul de sac in a quiet southeast neighborhood with glorious mountain views.

When you step inside, you're greeted with gleaming maple hardwood floors leading into the open living room, dining and kitchen areas. The living room features a custom built stonework fireplace (two-sided) that will help keep you warm in the winter.  

The kitchen is a dream with high-end stainless steel appliances, including a natural gas range and plenty of cupboard space.

Upstairs you'll find three bedrooms, including the…

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Summer is a time when people pack up the family and and head out on vacation. A great time to have some fun and build some great family memories! 

While away, security is often top of mind for homeowners, ensuring all the doors and windows are locked and someone is stopping by to pick up the papers. This is important to enjoy a worry free vacation. But are you ready for a potential disaster upon your return home? 

You might be thinking, what could happen? It's summer! No furnaces to quit working, no pipes to freeze, no snow to shovel. What can go wrong? 

What I'm referring to is the hot and cold water hoses that connect your washing machine to the taps. Have you noticed? Washing machine manufacturers are so thoughtful for supplying plastic or…

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Common home buying mistakes

1. Believing You Don't Need A Real Estate Agent

You might be able to find a house on your own through internet searches, or simply driving around neighbourhoods you like, but there are still many aspects of buying a home that can confuse a first-time buyer. An agent is key in helping you negotiate offers, handle inspections, financing and other details. The money you save by not using an agent can get quickly eaten up by a botched offer or overlooked repairs. Plus agents often have first access to the newest home listings that haven't shown up on MLS or the internet yet.

2. Setting Your Heart on a Home and Throwing Caution to the Wind

For many home buyers, you see a house that's amazing and you want it. No questions because it's the one for…

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Selling Your Salmon Arm HomeWhen it comes to selling your home, there are many things you can and should do to maximize the return you'll get, while setting yourself apart from the competition found in a buyer's market. These are five of the important things to consider when you're ready to list your house, whether it's in Salmon Arm or anywhere else.

1. Get Your Home Ready To Show

This is essential because you only have one chance to make a good first impression. Your home has to look great to prospective buyers, both inside and out. Things you can do to get your home ready for showings include decluttering, give it a thorough cleaning and get the carpets shampooed if you have pets or dirty rugs. Repair and paint any holes or knicks on the walls and woodwork. It's also…

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When it comes to selling your home as quickly as possible and for the most money, sellers in the Shuswap area need to take advantage of every available resource.

Here at Royal Lepage Access, we are the only brokerage in the region to offer the amazing iGuide technology that changes the way people view listings on a website.

iGuide, created by a Canadian company called Planitar, has a multi-view tour interface so we can create visual tours with interactive floor plans. It also features a room measurement tool that's perfect for interior design, staging your home and offers insight for contractors.

The iGuide cameras are laser guided so they can create the interactive floor plan as they rotate around a room taking visuals.

We offer the iGuide…

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Happy New Year often means happy new taxes and fees we all have to pay. Along with that comes the tax assessment notice from BC Assessment. Many homeowners in BC are seeing significant increases in the assessed value of their properties and getting worried about what that could mean at tax time.  

But wait….tax assessments are just that. It’s the estimated market value of your property as of July 1, 2016 with an adjustment for physical condition as of October 31, 2016. Will this result in a higher tax bill? 

An increase in property value for you will likely mean an increase in property values for all your neighbours as well. When everyone’s properties go up the same average amount, it doesn’t mean you will be paying higher taxes necessarily. 


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Every day, abused women along with their children are seeking refuge from an abusive relationship with their spouse. The need to keep facilities like the S.A.F.E Society financially viable has never been more important. Knowing there is a safe and secure place to go can free a woman from a potentially life threatening situation and help her and her family start a new life without the threat of violence hanging over them. 

The Royal LePage Shelter Foundation is supported by communities, real estate agents and real estate brokerages across Canada. Here in Salmon Arm, we have two main fundraising avenues here at Royal LePage Access Real Estate.  

The first and more public event is the National Garage Sale for Shelter. This year marks the 8th year for…

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This week, the Liberal government made a move to attempt to curb the demand for high priced homes in Canada. How will this affect our market here in the Shuswap?

To break it down, the new downpayment rules only affect those buyers purchasing a home between $500,000 and $1,000,000 who are also taking a high-ratio mortgage. 

Since 2008, homebuyers in Canada have been required to have a minimum of 5% downpayment on their home purchase. This doesn’t change for purchasers under the $500,000 cap, which quite frankly, is the majority of homes purchased in the Shuswap area. 

The new rules require a minimum of 10% down for the portion of purchase above the half million mark. For example, if you had a home selling for $650,000, the downpayment required…

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