Shuswap Lakefront Properties Embrace Nature

Posted by Marv Beer on Tuesday, July 7th, 2015 at 11:46am.

View of waterfront cabinShuswap Lake, once a rugged area visited only by regular devotees, has rapidly evolved into a top seasonal getaway destination and is widely viewed as the pinnacle of out-of-city relaxation in style and comfort. Highly desirable, prime real estate is scattered bountifully throughout the region and a Shuswap cabin or cottage has become a hot commodity that signifies that elusive, idyllic and well-rounded British Columbian lifestyle.

In many remote places where this happens, we see an upsurge in lavish, extravagant properties that cater toward maximum indulgence and shift the atmosphere of the region to one of opulence and exclusivity that is virtually inaccessible. Strangely, Shuswap lakefront real estate has been decidedly resistant to such a radical transformation. Growing in popularity, and becoming exceedingly sought-after, the communities around Shuswap Lake have tactically adopted understated luxury while simultaneously rejecting extreme displays of development and showy frill.

This can be seen in a variety of places, but perhaps most strongly in the architecture of Shuswap lakefront homes and in the maintenance of these properties. Communities such as Celista, Scotch Creek, Blind Bay, and Salmon Arm embrace gentle developments that take advantage of the surrounding natural space with features such as tin roofs, natural wood sidings, and minimal landscaping that preserves the dramatic views. Designs that incorporate gables or A-frames pay homage to traditional European alpine homes while taking advantage of the sweeping views and allowing for spacious, breezy interiors. Home size is not an issue – even the largest, most luxurious properties take on characteristics that allow them to blend in nicely with their sublime backdrops, whether these are log-cabin facades, maple flooring, or woodsy, rustic interiors. Classic cabins remain in place, while modernly-equipped newer homes do an excellent job of mimicking their timeless counterparts – generally speaking, Shuswap Lake homes could very well be part of the geography.

This is not to say you can’t find luxury in Shuswap Lake, but rather that Shuswap Lake luxury properties are very refined and are inspired by the local environment. Many homes have sweeping interiors with beautiful lighting, brand-new appliances, and colossal floor-to-ceiling windows; some are even in gated communities. Others are simple: airy, beachy, one-story homes that place the focus on their flawless surroundings. Some are secluded, sheltered by tall poplars and conifers. The one thing they all have in common is their tasteful reflection of the locality, and the hardiness that only comes from top-quality construction. However, despite the irresistible beauty of these homes, at the end of the day this is Shuswap Country – you won’t want to spend too much time indoors!

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